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Who and what are PRIME SYSTEMS?

PRIME SYSTEMS was formed in 2003 to meet the demand for easily accessible web-based systems in  the Health & Safety arena, and since then PRIME has grown to become a leading source of business management solutions, helping organisations large and small, across a number of industries, meet legal requirements and enforce their policies and procedures throughout their business.   

PRIME offers a flexible and scalable online business management tool that comprises of easily integrated modular solutions to support every aspect of Risk Management, Health & Safety Management and business control across your organisation.

Click on the solutions above to find out which PRIME SYSTEMS online modules will suit the needs of your organisation.

Accident & Incident Reporting

The cost of accidents and incidents is significant, including lost productivity, risk of prosecution and compensation claims as a result of non-compliance with Health & Safety legislation. With accurate reporting comes business intelligence, enabling organisations to address particular risks and prevent further occurrences. Accurate reporting only works properly when it is fast and easy to use.

The Prime Accident and Incident Reporting module provides a straightforward process for recording occurrences of personal injury, property loss and other incidents such as damage, abuse, robbery and alarm activations etc. The system can also be used to report illnesses, near misses, dangerous occurrences and visits from enforcement officers.


Monitoring controls and maintaining records play a vital role in protecting your organisation’s people, property and assets. Effective monitoring helps keeps down costs, improve productivity and mitigate legal risk. Time lost through injury to staff and equipment down-time represents a direct cost to your business, as do criminal prosecutions for non-compliance, injury to staff or customers and the potential for civil claims against your organisation. 

Regular checks and maintenance are key features of a company’s health & safety policy. In many industries they are a legal requirement. PRIME Monitoring presents an easy to follow format for recording controls and checks necessary to comply with health and safety policies and insurance requirements.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the required basis of any Health & Safety management system. It is essential that this component is carried out effectively, and that it is seen by staff as complementary to their tasks, rather than as an obstacle or a nuisance. A particular issue that arises in many organisations is that assessments are produced by various people using different formats and operational language. This can make the recording, management and understanding of the assessments difficult and ineffective, particularly when incorporating subsequent procedures and controls into the Health & Safety Policy.

PRIME Risk Assessment is designed to simplify the creation, recording and monitoring of all your risk assessments, both centrally and at staff locations or distributed sites. It presents an easy format for compliance with Health & Safety policies and insurance requirements.

Supplier & Contractor Management

With the growth in outsourcing of key operations within organisations the management of contractors and suppliers has become increasingly critical, especially with regard to control of their Health & Safety compliance.   PRIME offers a comprehensive Supplier & Contractor Management module that allows for the storage of information relating to contracting companies and their employees, including full address and contact details and relevant qualifications.   

The system  monitors the qualifications, insurances, codes of practice, safe methods of work, and any other key data.  You are automatically advised on the expiry of any critical documents.  The system can be customised to your exact requirements to help you manage supplier credentials, and acts as a contacts library to enable your users to find details of authorised suppliers and contractors to use.


The PRIME system provides an area where you can store and quickly access all the Health & Safety documentation of your organisation. It is made accessible to users who can also use search facilities to find the information required rapidly. The system can hold standard templates, generic and site-specific risk assessments and additional types of documents such as Asbestos and Environmental Reports.

Training & Staff development

PRIME, in association with their sister company Chiltern Consulting,  have recently added to their successful online HEALTH & SAFETY INDUCTION training programme with three new task-based modules, as they move towards a complete suite of computer-based training modules

These online courses are a cost-effective and efficient way of training your staff, at times convenient to you and your management. Practical and informative videos filmed in real work locations enable trainees to relate easily to the training, and quickly gain knowledge and understanding of both Health & Safety and Operational issues. 

Case Study...

Within the first month of using PRIME we had more management information than ever before,”

Abigail Miller, Health and Safety Manager Home Retail Group


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