Customer Feedback

What is it?

PRIME Customer Feedback provides a single place to record, store, monitor and actively manage all feedback received from customers. This can be either formally recorded feedback, by letter, or comments made by telephone or email.    Designed to be used either at Head Office or on-site, PRIME Customer Feedback enables accurate information to be held and accessed for action, monitoring and management reporting.

By providing a single place to record and manage all feedback from customer, PRIME Customer Feedback ensures that the information can be used to improve products and processes and eliminate costly problems and be dealt with by the right personnel

What does PRIME Customer Feedback give you?

  • Live Management Reports
  • Instantly available Costs of Compensation and Goodwill
  • Generation of  Automatic Replies, – Specific Responses tailored to your business
  • On screen analysis which can be exported to Excel
  • Transparent communication between central and remote functions

How does it Work?

Feedback records on PRIME contain all necessary details, from customer details to the actions taken to follow up the feedback.

All forms of communications are recorded to provide an accurate and trusted picture of the actions taken, both incoming and outgoing correspondence, by letter, phone and email.  Responses by letter can be automatically generated from a series of pre-defined templates, pre-populated with the data included on the record.

Compensation or items of goodwill may be issued in response to customer feedback.  PRIME stores these centrally – including details of when they were issued and by whom. This provides an accurate record and useful data for calculating the cost associated with customer service.

The data included within PRIME  enables you to monitor the status of feedback and ensure that internal targets for handling feedback are being met. In addition a host of management and user reports are available as part of the system.

As with all PRIME systems, customised reports that reflect your specific requirements can be developed. Reports can be output to the screen for analysis or generated as Excel spreadsheets.

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