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Hot Tub Management

The Hot Tub Monitoring application is a specialist compliance system that monitors hot tub water and chemical readings and allows you to ensure regular operational checks are completed.

The system can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet device which the user can take to the hot tub, scan a unique QR code and then input all the relevant details which are required to manage the risks that are inherent to this increasingly popular feature of holiday accommodation. 

Hot tubs are high risk facilities as bathers and the surrounding environment can introduce bacteria into the water, some species of which can cause illness in humans, for example Legionella. To mitigate this risk operators are required by current guidance to check the water and chemical levels twice a day when a unit is occupied, and optionally daily if not occupied. There is also a requirement to completely empty and refill each hot tub either weekly, or on change-over day (when new occupants move in) whichever is sooner. On top of this there are a range of other weekly, monthly and quarterly checks that must be carried out. 

The Hot Tub Monitoring application allows for the required details to be recorded following pre-set check lists and entering pre-defined data, with alerts telling the user what action to take in the event of any out of parameter readings. This information is pushed back into Prime and monitored for exceptions, this happens in real time so any issues are alerted to the relevant people quickly, minimising the risk of human error and streamlining the whole process.

In addition, as the application works offline it’s not a problem if there is no Wi-Fi available at the time of testing, as long as the device is connected to Wi-Fi regularly the system will provide prompt exception alerts. 

All data from the checks are stored on the Prime database eliminating the need for paper records and dramatically reducing paper and print outputs. 

Hot tub checks:

  •  Daily check
  •  Weekly and change-over check
  •  Monthly check
  •  Quarterly check

Key features of the application include:

  • Full offline functionality so can be used anywhere
  • Simple forms designed for smart phone and tablet use
  • Data stored in the main Prime system for remote access to live information
  • Automated email alerts sent directly from the device on site
  • Supports use of QR code scanning at the hot tub to identify location
  • Easy reporting of chemical levels from the hot tub
  • Ability to upload photo of hot tub at time of testing
  • Out of parameter readings notified immediately

The Hot Tub Monitoring application saves time, manages risks and provides real time management information which can be addressed immediately. 

We have a similar app for managing swimming pools, where chemical readings and regular checks are recorded on smart phones and monitored in the system, leading to real time knowledge of any issues. 

Screenshots from the Prime Systems Hot Tub Monitoring application