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Pool Diary

The Pool Diaries application is a specialist compliance system that monitors swimming pool and spa chemical readings and allows you to ensure regular operational checks are completed.

The system works offline on smartphone and tablet devices around the poolside and plant rooms and synchronises the pool readings and compliance checks back to the Prime Systems server when the user reconnects back to Wi-Fi. 

Any readings that fall outside the set tolerances automatically alert the nominated manager to rectify the problem or close the pool until the chemicals are back in tolerance. The actions taken are recorded within the database and viewed through the Pool Diaries Dashboard. 

All data from the checks and regular pool readings are stored on the Prime database thus eliminating the need for paper records. 

Standard checks within the application include: 

  •  Opening checks
  •  Closing checks
  •  Ongoing checks
  •  Chemical logs
  •  Chemical additions
  •  Langelier checks
  •  Filter checks
  •  Headcount checks

Key features of the application include: 

  • Full offline functionality so can be used anywhere
  • Simple forms designed for smart phone and tablet use
  • Data stored in the main Prime system for remote access to live information
  • Automated email alerts sent directly from the device on site
  • Easy reporting of chemical levels direct from the place of testing
  • Out of parameter readings notified immediately
  • On device instructions to user for required actions, eg close pool
  • Automated calculations for Combined Chlorine and Langelier tests

The application saves staff time and provides extensive management information to pick up immediate issues with the pools, longer term trends and provides secure and accurate records in case of any investigation. 

The application can be used online as well, with all checks and forms being available to complete from the browser, or if offline access is needed it can be used on a handheld device.

Screenshots from the Prime Systems Pool Diary application