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Risk Assessments

The Prime Risk Assessment application is based on a library of generic Risk Assessments which users can download to adapt to their own local needs. The adapted, or “localised” Risk Assessment is then uploaded back into Prime, and details about the Risk Assessments recorded, including an overall Risk Rating.

The Risk Rating is then used to categorise Risk Assessment’s into High, Medium and Low risks. Users can also create their own Risk Assessments from scratch for any task or activity, which are uploaded and rated in the same way.

The user can create one or more Localised Risk Assessment documents for their site. A message confirms that the documents have been created. More than one of the same Risk Assessment is not allowed per site/dept/activity.

When Risk Assessments are reviewed, the user has to Archive the original in order to upload a new one and Archived Risk Assessment’s are stored in an Archive view for review.

The system has the option include Action Tracking where specific actions can be applied to a Risk Assessment and allocated to an individual or Groups e.g. Property Maintenance.

A completion date is given to action and the system will monitor the target completion date and send email alerts if this date is passed.

The open actions can be viewed and analysed in easy to use screens, using filters and export facilities.

Key features of the application include:

  • Standard Risk Assessments are stored in a library for users to browse and download
  • Documents can then be opened into Word to be adapted/localised
    • Saved as draft or completed
  • Email alerts are sent out by the system when Risk Assessments are due for renewal/review
  • The overall Risk Rating is displayed on screen and colour coded to highlight the High, Medium and Low risks
  • Full Action Tracking available