Offline mobile app

Take Prime offline on your mobile device

Our mobile app lets you take Prime offline and do your work from anywhere.

You need to be connected to log in and sync, but once you’ve done that the data stays in the app on your device and is fully functional no matter where you are or if you have any signal or internet connection. When you come back online the app syncs with Prime and all your work is uploaded to the main system where it can be reviewed and stored securely.

prime mobile offline app
prime application

Available now on Google Play and the App store

The app is available on Google Play and the App store, via the links below, but remember you need to make sure your company’s system is connected to the app so get in touch with us to find out more.

The mobile app is currently available for our Compliance Monitoring module with more modules to follow in due course.

5 ways that the Prime Systems app can support your business

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Take Prime out and about as you work, using your smartphone to record your information and take photographs there and then.
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Works offline and syncs back to the online system in the background when connected.
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Can be downloaded from both the major app stores, Apple App Store and Google Play.
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Data from the app integrates smoothly with the online systems, with all the usual email alerts to inform the business.
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Regular updates and enhancements to the system making sure it meets your business needs.

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