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The Audit module is based on our Compliance Monitoring module, but instead of an approach based on regular checks and assessments it is based on an “ad-hoc” audit basis, where users can set up audit visits in advance, select which areas are to be audited, and produce audit reports for site management at the end of the audit visit. Findings, recommendations and agreed actions are tracked and monitored, so site staff and management can be informed when agreed actions become overdue, review the status of actions and produce detailed reports of audit coverage and findings.

Key features of the system include:

  • Audits can cover all regulatory areas (Health & Safety, Food Safety, Trading standards, etc.) tailored specifically to your organisation
  • Central Audit functions can set supplementary target audits against any pre-defined focus
  • Accurate and instant management reporting, summarising site performance by a variety of parameters (including Root Clause Analysis).  ’The ‘Tracker View’  enables users to very clearly see site performance using visual indications
  • Audit data is available for viewing and actioning by employees at site level, and producing local reports (e.g. Safe & Legal)
  • Automatic alerts and notifications by email or text to relevant people of outstanding actions or incomplete checks.