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New features for Contractor Management

We wanted to let you know about some new features we have added to our Contractor Management system recently. These have come from customer requests which would work for any user of the system, so we have added them to the system as standard features. They cover the following functions:

Central Contractor Maintenance

This allows you to manage and update a Contractor record on behalf of the contractor. We added this for a customer who was finding some contractors were either not prepared to, or not able to use the system. This could apply to large national companies who don’t want to use the system but you still need to work with them, or small one-man-band type contractors who are unable to use the system for technical reasons. It’s a function only the central approval team have access to, to use it, you select the contractor you want to manage from the new Admin menu function “Manage Control”. This then allows you to edit the contractors record and complete their details on their behalf. There is also a new column heading on the main screen that shows if that contractor is being managed internally. You can switch this on and off as you need to.

Ability to Delete a Contractor

This is a simple function available to admin users to allow you to delete a contractor from the system. This can be for Draft contractors (set up but not progressed) or Un-Approved contractors (not to be used again and need to be removed from the list). You can’t delete an Approved contractor or one going through the approval process, these would need to be Un-Approved in the usual way before being deleted. A deleted contractor can be re-instated by our Support team in the event of any mistakes. You will see a new option under the Admin Functions called Delete Contractor that allows you to select the contractor to delete.

Ability for Contractors to Upload Documents during Approval process

Previously, a contractor was not able to update their record once they submitted it for approval. If you then found that they hadn’t uploaded the right documents you had to reset them back to Draft to allow them to log in and upload documents and then re-submit their details. Now you can simply ask them to log in and add more documents whilst their record is being reviewed and approved without the need to set them back to Draft.

Weekly Draft Contractor Reminders

This is a new email reminder sent to any Contractor who is still in Draft status after a certain amount of time. The weekly reminder includes their log in details and asks them to log in and complete their details. The email is sent to the contractor only, and is not copied to any site user, unless the contractor is being managed internally, in which case it goes either to a central user or the user who created the contractor. This email alert has not been switched on by default, so if you want to use it please let us know by contacting our support team at to enable it.

We hope you find the above features useful, and if you have any questions at all please do let us know.