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New function for reporting COVID-19 cases

We hope you are all coping with the changing rules and fluctuations in social distancing and operating procedures. We have had a few requests from our customers recently about how they can keep a better track of reporting COVID cases and as a result we have released some new features that may be of interest to you.

Updating Suspected COVID Cases

Many of you are reporting cases of actual COVID cases across your staff or customers, but some are also reporting Suspected cases where someone is displaying symptoms and has to leave work or site to self isolate. We were asked about an ability to update that Suspected case with the result of the test, either Positive or Negative, to allow for better reporting of all cases.

We have now released this as a feature you can use. It allows a user to go back to the incident or accident report, edit it and click a button to update a Suspected case to either an Actual case or a Negative case. You can then analyse the volume of cases using the usual Excel based summary reports, or the on screen charts in the system.

Email Alerts for COVID Cases

Many of you are already using the feature that allows an email alert to be sent to the right people for certain types of incidents, including COVID incidents. We have extended this to now allow emails to be sent based on the injury type recorded on an accident report, so if you are reporting your COVID cases on Accident forms, then you can now make sure the right people in your organisation are notified if a COVID case is reported this way. You can include any injury type in this, not just COVID cases.

The diagram below shows how the new features work, if you would like us to add these to your system just email to ask. As is the case with many of the features we can switch on for you, there is no additional charge for this.

The above diagram shows how the new features work

We hope you can make use of these new features to help you track and notify COVID cases in more detail. Unfortunately it looks like we will have the virus around for some time longer, probably into next year too, so please let us know if we can help.

Thank you all for your continued support and don’t forget we are here to help with any questions you may have.