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New features and systems

We wanted to let you know about some new features and systems we have added recently.

New Staff Self Isolation feature

Recently one of our leisure club clients asked us how we could add something to the Incident Reporting system to help them track cases of staff self isolation so we quickly designed a new section to add to a standard incident report whereby the club could report an instance of Staff Self Isolation, and then include information to show where the COVID contact occurred, when self isolation started and for how many days. This allows the company to run analysis reports to show how many cases of self isolation there have been, why, and how many days are being lost because of it across the company. Within the first week of use, almost 75% of all incidents reported have been self-isolation incidents, showing how big an issue this has become for all companies recently. If you think this add-on would be helpful for your business too, just drop us an email.

New Systems

We are continuing to develop our new Compliance Monitoring system and all customers who join us now adopt this as the standard system to monitor and report the regular checks and assessments carried out at their sites. Many of you use our previous version of this system, which is still fully supported by us, and can continue to do so, but if there are any issues you are having which might be addressed to moving to our newer system then get in touch and we can look into that. Our future plans for this system is to add on an offline app so you can complete checks on the go, and we are currently looking at ways that we can deliver this. 

At the start of the year we launched a new Hot Tub monitoring system for some of our Holiday Park operators. Hot Tubs are a very popular feature of holiday accommodation these days but bring with them risks that need to be managed. We have developed an App that can be downloaded to a smartphone which the user can take to the hot tub, scan a QR code and input details about chemical levels, temperature and cleanliness. This information is pushed back into Prime and monitored for any exceptions. This happens in real time so any issues are alerted to the relevant people quickly. We work with nearly 30 holiday park operators many of whom have hot tubs on site so this new app will prove effective at managing hot tubs and being aware of any issues that arise. Get in touch if you would like to know more. 

We have a similar app for managing swimming pools, where chemical readings and regular checks are recorded on smartphones and monitored in the system, leading to real time knowledge of any issues.

New Features

We have been busy making improvements to existing systems as well as working on new systems. Some of these improvements include;

Accident Reporting

  • Weekly Staff Absence Alert As you may know, we keep a track on any employee absence due to injury for the purpose of RIDDOR reporting, but there is also a weekly reminder that can be set up that sends out a list of employees who are still marked as absent, even if the RIDDOR has been dealt with. This helps to remember about ongoing absences that need to be updated in the system. You can also set a Follow Up date on long term absences to prevent them being included on the weekly reminder until the date that you set.
  • Early Staff Absence Alert Another improvement to employee absence monitoring is a new “early reminder” that can send an email out before the usual RIDDOR related email that goes when more than 7 days have elapsed. This allows managers to be aware of the absence before it becomes reportable, thereby allowing them to stop it getting to the 8th day.

Contractor Management

  • Additional Accreditations We have recently added a new function that allows contractors to add details of multiple accreditations and expiry dates. Previously only certain specific accreditations could be selected from a list, and there was no way to track the expiry dates of these accreditations and certificates, so this gives you a way to be aware when a contractors certificates expire.

We hope you find the above information on our new features and systems useful, if you would like to know more or have any questions at all please do let us know.