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Accident & Incident Reporting

The Accident & Incident application records accidents and incidents to employees and members of the public.

It determines which accidents are legally reportable and generates the form for the enforcing authorities. It includes detailed management of follow up and investigation processes including the capture of photographs and related documents. It allows for detailed analysis of the accident data by area, injury type, public and employees etc, and monitors staff absences. Automatic email and text messages are generated to immediately notify the relevant people of events. It can also be extended to incorporate claims and insurance data.

The application can accept “universal” access to the system, meaning any user can report accidents, near misses and incidents on an infrequent basis by simply entering basic details on a generic electronic form without the need to remember a username and password. The nominated manager for that location/business area is then automatically notified to then complete the accident processing.

The Accident system allows for the electronic storage of all accident/incident related documents and will control the collection, validation and sign-off of all specified documents.

Key features of the system include:

  • Permanently captures full and accurate information
  • Centralised collation of information into a single database – enter the data only once, from anywhere via user friendly interfaces
  • Easy to use, intuitive menus and screen layouts
  • Extensive use of tick boxes, multiple choice prompts etc minimises training requirements
  • Customisable to comply with statutory regulations and a client’s specific requirements
  • Links to RIDDOR reports and other legal documents
  • Automatically monitors staff absences for RIDDOR reporting
  • Automatic email and SMS text alerts
  • RIDDOR approval and access from handheld devices
  • Integrated claims management
  • Online Excel reports and bar graphs
  • Improves safety performance through accurate information recording and statistical analysis and trend reporting
  • Comprehensive management and KPI reporting.

In addition to the standard Accident and Incident Reporting application Prime Systems have just launched their brand new offline Accident and Incident application which allows users to report accidents, incidents and near misses using a smartphone with no internet access.

The offline application will be a huge benefit to customers who need to report from remote locations where data and wifi signals are not available. Being able to function offline means less user frustration due to poor connectivity. The app is designed to allow for simple data capture covering the details of what happened and taking photographs directly from the phone. The data then syncs to the main online system where further follow up and investigation is done.

Prime launched the offline app to their customer The Salisbury Group who are a leading facilities management and maintenance services company servicing over 1,000 sites, they selected Prime to replace their existing Accident and Incident Report System.

The offline app is now available for android phones in the Google Play Store via the link below. If you would like more details and pricing options please just drop us an email.

You can download a demo version from the link below or search ‘Prime Systems’ in the Google Play Store, then just contact us for log-in details: