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Advancing safety systems, Prime provides vital risk and safety management software bespoke to your business.

Smart, forward looking software

Prime Systems provides comprehensive functionality that is easy to use and configure. Our software modules can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app, both our platforms work to offer a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.

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Stay in control with modules we can tailor to your business.

Prime’s online accident and incident reporting module offers multisite businesses an efficient, organised, and data-driven approach to managing accident and incident-related safety and compliance across their various locations. The centralised data collection point, real-time reporting, collaborative functionality and analytical capabilities make is easier than ever to effectively report and manage incidents.

Module provides a comprehensive set of site/location reports and user defined checklists. Ranging in frequency from daily to annual they provide a format for users to record controls and checks that they perform in compliance with the organisation’s health and safety policy and insurance requirements.

Module is based on our Compliance Monitoring module but instead of an approach based on regular checks and assessments it is based on an ad-hoc audit basis. Users can set up audit visits in advance, select which areas are to be audited and produce audit reports for site management at the end of the audit visit.

Module is based on a library of generic Risk Assessments which users can download to adapt to their own local needs. The adapted Risk Assessment is then uploaded back into Prime, and details about the Risk Assessments recorded, including an overall Risk Rating.

Module has been designed to make handling claims as straightforward as possible. It can be used from both Head Office and on-site, providing live management reports of all elements of claims management, such as current liabilities, costs and fees as well as correspondence.

Module allows for the storage of information relating to contracting companies and their employees, including full address and contact details and relevant accreditations and insurances.

Module provides flexible document repository where you can centrally store and quickly access all the up-to-date Company Policy and Procedural documentation of your organisation.

Module is a specialist compliance system that stores all your kitchen readings, equipment checks and monitoring information. Users can enter live readings online using tablet devices or laptops and the system will monitor exceptions and out of range readings and alert managers where needed.

Module is a specialist compliance system that monitors swimming pool and spa chemical readings and allows you to ensure regular operational checks are completed.

Module is a specialist compliance system that monitors hot tub water and chemical readings and allows you to ensure regular operational checks are completed.

Prime Systems App

The right solution at your fingertips

Our mobile app lets you take Prime offline and do your work from anywhere. You need to be connected to log in and sync, but once you’ve done that the data stays in the app on your device and is fully functional no matter where you are or if you have any signal or internet connection. When you come back online the app syncs with Prime and all your work is uploaded to the main system where it can be reviewed and stored securely.

The app is available on Google Play and the App store, linked below, but remember you need to make sure your company’s system is connected to the app so get in touch with us to find out more.

The mobile app is currently available for our Compliance Monitoring module with more modules to follow in due course.

If you would like to know more about the Prime mobile app then please get in
 to arrange a call and a demo.

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Following the 200% increase in the size of the Away Resorts work was required to integrate new parks, and launch improved health and safety applications across our original parks. Prime Systems worked hard to ensure all software modules meet our needs and that deadlines were met, the Prime team were always on hand with training and support.

Denise Din, Head of Risk Management, Away Resorts

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We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our software to deliver the most efficient risk and safety management software for your needs. See just some of the companies we’ve helped.

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