Claims Management

Straightforward, streamlined claims handling

Improve the speed of claims management with faster processing, improved accuracy, cost savings, and better customer experiences.

Prime’s Claims Management module has been designed to make handling claims as straightforward as possible. It can be used from both the Head Office and on-site, providing live management reports of all elements of claims management, such as current liabilities, costs and fees as well as correspondence.

claims management

5 ways that the Prime Claim Management module can support your business

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Transparent and simple storage reduces the risk of human errors, delays and incorrect information or missing documentation.
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Quicker settlements could result, which support improved customer satisfaction.
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Automation built into the module reduces the need for manual labour and the potential for costly errors, leading to overall cost efficiencies.
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Secure real-time monitoring of claim status to optimise the claims management workflow.
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Improved scalability during periods of growth or when dealing with unforeseen events.
claims management

Secure, detailed, up-to-date, and efficient claims management

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Secure access to your insurance partner

Ready access to multiple parties, including your insurance partners and storage of all the relevant accident claim documentation enables decisions to be made within optimal timescales. Multi-users can be allocated access so claims can be effectively processed, automate actions, reminders and notify your insurance partner and team when documents are shared.

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Detailed correspondence management

All forms of correspondence can be recorded, including logging telephone conversations and other comments. In addition, letters and emails can be generated from a set of predefined templates. The costs associated with a claim; damages, fees and legal costs etc are recorded in the system, providing a single, accurate reference for management and status reports.

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Up-to-date status information

The Claims module incorporates tools to keep you informed of the level and status of claims against your company. As a claim progresses the various stages of acknowledgements, replies and action are recorded and the status updated. The system automatically monitors the time claims remain at different stages, providing alerts if a predefined timescale is upcoming.

Key module features

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Access from central office and multiple remote sites if required
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Secure user access to your Insurance/Claims Handling partner
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Electronic storage of all related claims documentation and on-going correspondence such as accident reports, witness statements, risk assessments, etc
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Document checklists for different claim types including managing the collection process, validation and sign-off processes
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Live management reports
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Reminders and alerts to keep you within protocol timescales
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Customisable templates for correspondence
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Interacts with Prime Accident and Incident Reporting module
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Automatic creation of legal documents such as CRU1
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Comprehensive cost management and reporting

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“The strong impression is that PRIME are passionate about Health and Safety, and about making sure the system delivers what you want.”

Abigail Miller – Health & Safety Manager, Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase)

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Our software modules can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app, and offer a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our software to deliver the most efficient risk and safety management software for your needs. See just some of the companies we’ve helped.

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