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Flexible, controlled and speedy document storage

Store documents centrally, and improve the speed and accuracy of document sharing and retrieval.

The Document Library module provides a flexible document repository where you can centrally store and quickly access all the up-to-date Company Policy and Procedural Health and Safety documentation of your organisation.

document library

5 ways that the Prime Document Library module can support your business

The Document Library module provides a flexible document repository where you can centrally store and quickly access all the up-to-date Company Policy and Procedural documentation of your organisation. Our online risk management document library offers several benefits to customers seeking to improve their risk management processes and overall business performance. Here are some of the key advantages:
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A centralised repository for all risk-related documents, policies, procedures, guidelines, and templates.
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Quickly find and retrieve the specific risk management documents and support training goals.
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Improves your data security, access, version control and document tracking with rules and settings that you control.
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No duplicates, simple access regardless of their geographical location, authorised personnel can access and contribute in real-time.
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Speedy access to all documentation, providing a quickly available audit trail and evidence of all related paperwork in the event of a claim or incident.
document library

A centralised, secure and scalable document library tool

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A scalable solution

The system can be set up with various headings and document types, allowing users to have read-only, upload and full edit rights as required. A robust control system allows users to retrieve old versions of documents and an archive facility allows users to remove documents from view whilst keeping them stored for future reference if required

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Secure to your requirements

The system can be set up with a variety of access rules, restricting access to confidential documents or parts of the system. All rules can be configured to your requirements and work to support analysis and reporting and security of data.

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Centralised and efficient

The Document Library acts as a centralised host for multiple document types, from standard templates to generic and site-specific documents and risk assessments. Quickly access enterprise-wide generic or site-specific risk assessments to view, print or download, or upload a completed risk assessment document for storage, access, and monitoring.

Key module features

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Centralised storage of all company documentation
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Flexible and adaptable content and structure
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Fast access for all users regardless of geographic location
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Production of training records
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Quick links between related documents
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Provides document history management
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Search capabilities
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Storage and upload of Risk Assessment documents

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“The strong impression is that PRIME are passionate about Health and Safety, and about making sure the system delivers what you want.”

Abigail Miller – Health & Safety Manager, Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase)

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Our software modules can be accessed via our online platform or on the move in our Prime app, and offer a fully customisable risk management solution which can be configured to meet the exact needs of your business, all backed up by our experienced support team.We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our software to deliver the most efficient risk and safety management software for your needs. See just some of the companies we’ve helped.

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