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How much does it cost?
Do you have an app?
How easy is the system to use?
How long does it take to train a user?
Does a user see everybody else's data in the company?
Can I set performance levels and targets?
How many locations can the system support?
Can the system work in my overseas subsidiaries?
Can the system be used in a foreign language?
How does your customer help line work?
How is PRIME different to other Health & Safety software?
Can a PRIME system be modified to suit MY specific requirements?
How can I be sure the system, and my data, is secure?
Where is the system hosted?
What operating system do I need to run PRIME?
Can the system be run on my internal servers?
Is the system suitable for a small company with only one location?
Can I see a demonstration online?
Do the PRIME developers have real knowledge of Health & Safety matters?
Is the pricing dependent on number of users?
Are there one-off up-front costs and then annual licence fees?
Do the different PRIME modules integrate with each other?
Can I easily get management reports?
Can I amend and change report formats?
How many users can the system support?