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How easy is the system to use?

Our philosophy is to always make our systems intuitive and easy to use as we know that most of our users aren't PC experts and are very busy in their day to day job. So our systems are kept simple to use and quick. One of our new customers said that PRIME was "the simplest yet most effective product on the market".

How long does it take to train a user?

We offer as much user train as you want, and we usually provide a half day "train the trainer" session, but we know that new users can pick up how to use the system very quickly. We also provide printed and downloadable user guides which are accessible at any time in the system itself.

Does a user see everybody else's data in the company?

We can control who can see what very easily. This means that if you want users to only see their own data, then that is what they will see. Or, if other users need to see all data, or perhaps data for a particular part of the company, then we can set up the system in that way too. As with all of our systems, we set them up exactly how you want them to work.

Can I set performance levels and targets?

Yes, where a module includes workflow or authorisation requirements, the system can monitor automatically the time taken between each stage and alert users when deadlines are approaching or have passed. You can also view target levels on screen and download performance reports.

How many locations can the system support?

There is no limit on the number of locations, we have customers who have one location and customers with thousands of locations.

Can the system work in my overseas subsidiaries?

Yes, as PRIME is web based it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We can also cater for multiple languages.

Can the system be used in a foreign language?

Yes, the system can be displayed in a user’s native language. PRIME supports western character sets, and we can set the system so that users select and enter data in their own language whilst still storing data for review and management reporting in English.

How does your customer help line work?

Customers can contact PRIME by phone or email and we will respond to your call quickly. If our support team can’t help then the call is quickly escalated to our technical team. Your annual subscription includes unlimited support.

How is PRIME different to other Health & Safety software?

PRIME is backed up by Health & Safety experts, so you can draw on years of specialist knowledge as well as a high level of technical support. The system is designed by safety and business professionals so is more than simply a software solution. Also, the system is extremely flexible and we can change it to your own requirements, often at no extra cost.

Can a PRIME system be modified to suit MY specific requirements?

Yes, absolutely. One of our core values is to give the customer exactly what they need, and that is the strength of the PRIME system.

How can I be sure the system, and my data, is secure?

We follow the ISO27001 guidelines for information security. We use our own monitoring systems to ensure that the right controls are in place to ensure data security.

Where is the system hosted?

It is hosted by UKFast in Manchester, England. We have back up and disaster recovery provisions in London and Buckinghamshire. We use expert hosting companies to provide secure and robust servers.

What operating system do I need to run PRIME?

We fully support standard Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers but PRIME also works in any standard web browser such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The only requirement is that your PC or mobile device is connected to the Internet.

Can the system be run on my internal servers?

Yes, although we would need to ensure that your servers were compatible with PRIME and that we could continue to support the systems through remote access.

Is the system suitable for a small company with only one location?

Yes, even small companies need systems to manage their own processes and we have single location and single user companies who use our systems.

Can I see a demonstration online?

Yes. We always like to meet potential customers face to face so that we can fully understand their needs, but we can also set up demonstration accounts for you to play with the system in your own time. Contact us for a demo account.

Do the PRIME developers have real knowledge of Health & Safety matters?

Prime use expert developers to build the systems. Our sister company Chiltern Consulting are a leading Health and Safety consultancy and provide the expertise in the latest Health and Safety practices and regulations to ensure the system are always up to date.

Is the pricing dependent on number of users?

That’s one of the factors, but we also look at the number of locations at which the system is used, and which parts of the system you want to use. You only pay for what you use, and we give you a tailor-made quote.

Are there one-off up-front costs and then annual licence fees?

Most of the cost is the annual subscription, but we will also modify the system as much or as little as you need, so there may be one-off customisation costs when you start using the system.

Do the different PRIME modules integrate with each other?

Yes, for example our Accident & Incident Reporting system integrates with our Claims Management system to give you full management of insurance claims. All of the modules that you use are accessed from one central home page. Having said that, if you only want to use one module, that’s no problem, you only pay for what you need.

Can I easily get management reports?

Yes, all of our modules have a management reporting section where you can download detailed spreadsheets in a few clicks. We can also set up automatic reports that are emailed to you on a schedule that you choose.

Can I amend and change report formats?

Most of our modules have a facility where you can design your own report, containing the exact data that you need. We can also design custom reports that you can download on a regular basis, or have emailed to you. We will work closely with you to make sure that the reports are in a format that works for you and gives you the information you need.

How many users can the system support?

There is no limit on the number of users, and we don’t charge for concurrent users.